Curricular AreasWhere the cognitive and intellectual abilities of students are developed


The school offers large, cheerful, and well-ventilated classrooms infused with natural light. Furniture and storages have been designed to suit children’s needs.


MatriKiran offers a Computer Lab, a Mathematics Lab, an Environmental Science Lab, and a Language Lab for learning, experimentation, and demonstration.


This centrally air-conditioned space houses a large and rich collection of fiction & non-fiction books and periodicals from Indian as well as foreign publishers. There is also a dedicated story telling area to encourage younger students to visit the library and hone their listening, comprehension, and observational skills while enjoying their favourite stories being narrated.

Audio-Visual Hall

The audio-visual hall is fitted with equipment that allows students to watch films, make presentations, and use technology for interaction. The room has a capacity to seat at least two sections at a time, which allows children to interact and collaborate with peers of other sections.

Special Needs Centre

It includes rooms for speech therapy, audiometry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and rooms where more intensive instructional sessions can be provided to children with special needs.