Fee Structure Grade 6-8


  Registration Fee Rs 1,000  
  Admission Fee Rs 40,000  
  Interest Free Security Deposit (Refundable) Rs 35,000  

  QUARTERLY FEE (In advance)

  Tuition Fees Rs 27,000  
  Activity Charges Rs 10,000  
  Development Fees Rs 1,500  
  Lab/IT Fees Rs 1,500  


  Grade 6 to Grade 8, per month Rs 2,500  


  • The Fees is payable through cheque / Pay Order only
  • Cheques / Pay Order will be favouring "MatriKiran" and payable at Gurgaon or Delhi only
  • Meals facility is chargeable for 10 months in an academic year, including Breakfast at Rs 800 pm and Lunch at Rs 1700 pm