The Primary Years Programme

Which constitutes Grades 3 to 5. In these latter years of the Primary School, the curriculum becomes more structured in order to channelise students' energies and natural love of learning. The integrated core curriculum gradually increases in degree of departmentalization at each class level.

In these classes, the curriculum is designed along a continuum wherein children move from simple to complex concepts along with building upon their previous knowledge at every stage. In both English and Hindi students are made to think creatively, strengthen their foundations of written and spoken language skills and read extensively. In the mathematics programme children learn all the mathematical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with introduction to fractions and decimals. Children are also made to understand both the Indian and International systems of counting.

The bifurcation of Environmental Studies into Social Science and Science takes place in Grade 3. This allows for more in-depth understanding of basic ideas of the world around us. Projects and experiments are used extensively in the curriculum for children to explore and discover knowledge.