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What to Ensure before You Enroll Your Child in a Preschool

Posted on Jan 08, 2015 by

Enrolling a child in a school in Gurgaon is every parent’s dream. School admissions in Gurgaon is the hot topic of the season every parent is making a list of schools in Gurgaon all putting in all efforts to enroll their child in the best school. The first step that a child takes into the real world is by getting enrolled in a preschool. However, only getting enrolled in the preschool is not enough – your child must be well prepared for it too. If you too are willing to send your kid to a preschool in Gurgaon, make sure your child is prepared for the same. Take the look at the following points and assess the same.

Ensure before admissions

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Is your child healthy?
The first factor that should be considered is whether your child is healthy or not. A child must have the physical stamina to attend the preschool. Children run around and take part in various activities organized in a preschool. Your child must firstly be healthy to attend the school and secondly, must have the capability to participate in all such activities. Also, if the child is facing any medical issues, it should be reported to the school authority, so that they can handle the situation when required.

Is your child independent?
There is no doubt that the teachers and the assistants are always ready to help the kids in school, but at the same time the child must have a sense of working independently. Your child must be potty-trained, must know how to clean his/her hands, should be able to eat lunch without taking help from anyone.

Can your child stay away from you?
For some children it is just impossible to say a goodbye to their parents. If your child has never stayed without you, it might become extremely difficult for him/her to spend the day at the preschool. Moreover, in no time the child might end up hating the school, just because he/she cannot find you there. Before you enroll your kid in a preschool, make sure you start keeping him/her away from you for short intervals.

Can your child communicate?
For a child, it is very important to create a bond with his/her teacher and for this he/she must have the capability to communicate efficiently. If your child is not hesitant in conversing to strangers, he/she will in no time be friends with the teacher too.

Does your child make friends with other children?
Along with creating a bond with the teacher, your child must also interact with other kids. This will also encourage him/her to participate in group activities and at the same time will make him/her friendly and extrovert.

If you feel that your child possesses all the above mentioned qualities, your child is all set to start his/her journey at the preschool!

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