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Gurgaon, the millennium city, is growing at a fast pace. The developing city has come up with best of malls, corporate firms, real estate, hospitals, schools and colleges. Today, almost, all the companies have their corporate offices in this city and similarly, major colleges and schools have their branches in the city. The educational policy of Haryana is helping the city in emerging fast as an educational hub. Some of the best schools and colleges are established in Gurgaon and a huge crowd from even nearby cities like Delhi is making their way towards these educational institutes.

Gurgaon schools have good infrastructure with large and well ventilated classrooms. These classrooms are infused with natural lighting and the entire furniture is designed to suit the need of a child. From computer lab, a mathematics lab and an environmental science lab to language lab for learning and experimenting, the schools have individual labs for different subjects.

educating children in matrikiran school

These schools have centrally air-conditioned space dedicated to a rich collection of fiction and non-fiction books, along with periodicals from world publishers. Also, a separate story telling area for the kids is assigned in the library. Moreover, to encourage kids for extracurricular activities, Gurgaon schools have separate art & craft room which are creatively designed to let a child experiment, explore, and create. Separate rooms for clay modelling and music are also designated. These extra curricular activities help the kids in exploring their hidden creativity and also give them a chance to learn something new and exciting.

Apart from these facilities, these schools also have a separate dining hall for the students. The school canteen makes it a point to supply good quality and a balanced nutritious lunch. A qualified nurse is designated at the wellness room to take care of the kids and also proper transportation is provided to the students that makes commuting easy.

These days schools also have uniform and book shops in the campus for the convenience of parents. Also, schools in Gurgaon hire highly qualified teachers for the students.

Kids participate in various sport activities as per their choice. They are trained by separate sports teacher for each sport. In most of the schools all the facilities from books to sports are included in the school fees. The school fees in Gurgaon is not high in comparison to the facility they provide. Schools in the city are known for adopting new teaching methodologies and learning aids which help in keeping track of the latest developments in the education field.

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