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A school should be an exciting place, where each day students come in like blank slates, and go back home, filled up with knowledge. It should provide a nurturing environment where children can grow and learn. It should render the feeling of a home away from home, where students are groomed to be the proud citizens of tomorrow.

Development of Children at Play Schools MatrikiranMatrikiran is one such school where classroom education is given as much importance as outdoor learning. As extracurricular activities and sports are as important as good education for the overall development of a student. Therefore, our educational institute has made special provisions such as a playing field, playing hill, gymnasium and swings, joy rides and much more, where children can play and exercise, while enhancing their social skills. There is also a separate space for activities, such as exhibition and social meets, where students get to learn, while they play.

Students are also encouraged to get involved in other activities that are needed for their holistic growth. We have made provisions for students, like yoga sessions, well stocked library, music classes, experimentation in science labs, and computer rooms, which are vital for their overall growth. Thus, students get to learn, play and exercise at the same time. Every student is given special care by the school administration, and school activities are organized in such a way that they get to learn something from everything.

In addition, the academic curriculum is designed at par with international standards. Our teaching faculty tries to make the classroom learning experience interactive and engaging for students, so that students can understand and fully grasp the fundamentals, as well as complex concepts. So, in an inspiring environment, students get to learn and retain everything that is imparted in a classroom environment, in a better way.

Matrikiran is managed by a very competent authority – the Auro Education Society that functions on the teaching principles laid down by Sri Aurobindo and the mother. Hence, the discipline of the institution is of the highest order, which makes our graduates responsible, learned and decent individuals. The school administration has also made provisions for commutation needs of the students, provides uniform and books for every session in the campus itself. This way parents are saved from needless hassles and concentrate on what matters, your children. The fee structure is kept affordable and complements with the facilities that the school has to offer.

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