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Education plays a significant role in each one’s life and so does the school, as it acts like a stepping stone that helps in the overall development of a child. Today one can find a large number of schools and colleges in Gurgaon and very soon, the location is expected to become the education hub. The Government of Haryana and the Central Government have played an important role in improving the quality of education and have contributed in increasing the number of institutions.

matrikiran in gurgaon

With the drastic increase in the population of the city, the need for more number of educational institutions has been observed. To fulfill these needs different schools are being set up in Gurgaon. This city has some of the best primary schools that provide quality education. New and innovation teaching methodologies are being used, thereby increasing the standards of the education system. This is helping in shaping the future of the students in a better manner.

A preschool plays a very important role in a person’s life because it helps a child in learning values other than the academic values. Nursery admissions in Gurgaon can be one of the best decisions parents can take. High quality of education and a friendly atmosphere work as an added benefit for the kids.

Schools in Gurgaon provide spacious class rooms and also dedicated areas where children can actively participate in various co-curricular activities. Now-a-days, schools encourage the students to participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Kids can enjoy outdoor sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball and swimming are common and indoor games like chess, table tennis and squash.

Vatika group has introduces a primary school in Gurgaon, named Matrikiran. This school provides world-class facilities to the kids. Parents can be assured of the overall development of their child as the kids are taught by the best faculty. Learning and fun go hand-in-hand here. Kids get a chance to be a part of various interesting educational games. Learning numbers becomes easy with the help of number blocks, alphabets are taught with cards, nursery rhymes are enacted and taught and how to recognize animals is taught with the help of soft toys. These techniques not only retain the interest of the student in studies, but also helps the child in grasping the topics in an efficient manner.

The initial years of a child are very important and the right institution is what every parent looks for. A perfect foundation today will result in a better future.

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