Guiding Tips to Choose the Best Nursery School in Gurgaon

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The formative years are the best years for a child to prepare himself for the future and the first step towards this is to choose a good nursery or a pre-school for your child.

There is so much hype around pre-school and nursery school admissions in Delhi and NCR regions that for most parents it has become a nightmare. So long your kid does not get admission, you spent sleepless nights. The whole stress is over once your child gets nursery admission in the best Gurgaon school that you had long awaited for. But how do you choose the best school for your child in Gurgaon and how do you know it is the best school? There is no such thing as good school or bad school as academic learning is a joint effort by kids, parents, and teachers. But, yes, there are certain things to be kept in mind while choosing the school.

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Guiding Tips

Sending a child to a playgroup or nursery provides the basic foundation for his preparation to big school. There are different types of nurseries, small, big, independent, or affiliated to local schools in Gurgaon. Each school offers something different or may be same and what you choose is as per your requirements.


* Make a choice of 5-6 such schools.
* Location to a nursery or a playschool must be closest to your house so that your child does not have to spend hours on transportation. Check out schools in Sohna Road, Sushant Lok, DLF city etc. MatriKiran, located at Sohna Road, is the educational arm of the Vatika Group, an upcoming co-ed school, offering a creative learning environment.
* Take your child with you so that he or she gets familiar with the atmosphere.
* Meet the staff and make a study on how these nurseries run.
* Check out the staff ratio. The teacher-student ratio must be such that each child gets proper attention.
* See the older children group in the nursery, their behavior, appearance, and activities.
* Visiting these schools help you to understand the background of the children studying already there.
* Many parents choose nursery schools on the basis of recommendations from other parents.


* Is the school premise safe and well kept?
* Is the staff friendly and qualified?
* Does the play school have good indoor and outdoor play areas?
* Does the school provide good quality play equipment to develop children physically and  mentally?
* Does the school provide holistic learning?
* Last but not the least, check out how the school track the dropping and dispersal time of the  children.

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