How to Navigate through School Admissions Process

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School admissions in Gurgaon are about to start and choosing the right school might be one of the most important decisions you make for your child’s future. This decision will have a major role to play in your child’s development, as children spend maximum amount of time with their teachers and classmates, constantly communicating and learning from them. To add to this stress, getting admission into a good school is not easy and you need to have a head start long before the process actually begins. Here are a few tips to help you sail through this process.School admission

Have an open talk with your partner: Both parents need to be completely involved in the admission process. If there is no agreement between partners on which schools to select for the application process, then this period can become a really maddening experience. So, you have to ensure that you and your partner have the same expectations, commitment and enthusiasm towards selecting schools which both of you mutually agree on.

Be ready for a huge commitment of your time: You will have to commit your time in order to achieve the goals you have set for your child. Be prepared to spend time on completing and submitting application forms for good schools in Gurgaon, visit these schools, give parent interviews, child interviews, find all information about the course and curriculum, etc. Learn about Gurgaon schools through their websites/brochures, etc and have a better understanding about the school’s philosophies and values.

Evaluate the financial commitment you have to make: Gurgaon school fees are generally affordable, but even then you should evaluate the fee structure thoroughly. Most Gurgaon schools have fee structures which include an enrollment/registration fee and then a payment plan for 6 – 12 months. Some schools offer scholarships based on child’s capabilities or previous academic records and parent’s income. Long term affordability is important while considering an expensive school.

Communicate well with your child’s Pre-School: The school’s which you are applying for, might have to communicate with your child’s current pre-school to get clarifications on the child’s application. So, it is good idea to inform them about you seeking admissions for your child, in other schools.

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