Matrikiran: Imparting Values To Bring Out The Best In Your Children

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One of the most important and difficult choices parents make is to choose the right school for their children. When it is the question of your children’s career and growth, there can be no compromises. The school curriculum should reflect the values and principles it cherishes and strives to impart in its students. It should be designed in a way that prepares students to take up greater challenges in life, and be successful in their endeavors. The academic curriculum should be such that it slowly builds up the capacity of the students, so that their foundation becomes very strong and they can easily move from simpler to complex concepts.

Development of Children in MatrikiranAt Matrikiran, we strive to contribute to your child’s future. With the help of a teaching staff,  imbibed by a great sense of pedagogy and the best educational standards, we make sure that our students have the best possible resources to enhance their development. The primary formative years is when children start developing their intellect. We help enhance their reasoning and thinking abilities, by developing their vocal and writing skills with emphasis on languages, both Hindi and English. Skills like, creative thinking, effective communication, reading & writing are stressed upon, so that students strengthen their communicative abilities, right from the start.

Our school curriculum lays equal emphasis on every subject. Special attention is provided to students with inclination towards a particular subject, sports and/or extracurricular activity, and attempts are made to promote and nurture it. Naturally gifted and talented student are given due weight-age, and accordingly steps are taken so that students can achieve their true potential.

At Matrikiran, we believe that for the overall development of any student, extra-curricular activities are as important for the physical development as education is for the mental development. Matrikiran offers many physical activities, which help the sensory and motor organs of the students to develop in a proper way, while increasing student interaction. We also understand that ethics and values are incomplete without spiritual self-reflection, and a strong mind. Thus, to help your children become mentally strong; to manage their emotions and deal with different situations, we organize yoga sessions which help in the spiritual development of your child.

Matrikiran is spread across 7 acres of land which offers ample space and environment for the overall development of student’s social behavior and intellect. The school has two wings – the ‘primary wing’ and the ‘Middle & Senior wing’, surrounded by scintillating landscape which infuses students with fervor to pursue their dreams. We offer our students with tools and techniques to master their skills to actualize their dreams, an opportunity that every student deserves. Our school curriculum is specifically formulated to help your children harness and achieve their true potential, and to pursue their careers skillfully and efficiently later on in their life.

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