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Schools in Gurgaon: A Smart Choice for Kids

Posted on March 23, 2015 by

Selecting a good school for a child is one of the biggest concerns for parents as they wish to enroll the kid in a school that takes good care of their child and at the same time contributes in the overall development of the child. Schools in Gurgaon are a smart choice as these schools provide international level of education and at the same time take full responsibility of every child attending the school. Let us have a look at why more and more parents are opting for schools in Gurgaon.

School children showing thumbs up.

Teach the children using international teaching methods: Taking education to a new level are the schools in Gurgaon. Various schools located on Sohna Road follow the concept of international teaching. This makes the child smart and also, he/she enjoys learning.

Provide day care facilities: When both the parents are working, where should the kid be left becomes a major concern for them. Various schools provide day care facilities – this ensures that the child is in safe hands. The day care in Gurgaon schools take care of the nutrition of the every child and keep them busy while the parents are off to work. Not only this, children also get to learn various things in a fun-filled manner.

Organize co-curricular activities: Along with learning, the overall development of a child is also necessary. Keeping this in mind, schools organize co-curricular activities that enable the child to make use of his/her physical and mental abilities. This contributes extensively in the overall growth of the child.

Helps children socialize: Many children shy away from talking to strangers. The teachers teaching in Gurgaon schools interact with the kids and help them socialize. Furthermore, they organize activities that help kids interact with one another.

MatriKiran, managed by Auro Education Society, is one of the renowned schools that is the first choice of every parents. The teachers take good care of every students and at the same time teach them in a fun-filled manner. Once a child gets enrolled in this school, he/she is sure to have a bright future!

Gurgaon’s Playgroup Schools: Inculcating Creative Learning

Posted on February 22, 2015 by

The modern day schools believe in following the trend of fun with learning. For a child, a school is a home away from home and it is of utmost importance that the child enjoys the time he/she spends at school. Keeping this in mind, most of the English medium schools in Gurgaon have inculcated creative learning in their curriculum. Encouraging a child to participate in activities apart from studies, helps in the overall development of the child. Let us have a look at how fun and studies can go together hand-in-hand.

School kid

Creative play
Every child is creative in his/her own way – all you need to do is give the child a little push. Painting, drawing and playing building blocks games are some activities that can help in unleashing the creative side of a child. This gives the children a chance to think out of the box and create some fantastic masterpieces.

Physical play
An active child is a healthy child. The playgroup schools allow the kids to run, swing, roll and perform any other activity of their choice. Restraining kids from performing these activities will only hamper their physical development. Schools conduct races, dance competitions and various other contests in which kids need to utilize their physical strength. This keeps the child active and also helps him/her generate interest in other activities apart from studies.

Imaginative play
Activities like dramatics can help children to unleash the actor within them. Also, this will strengthen their imaginative side and increase their thinking capability. Gurgaon play schools lay emphasis on conducting dramatic sessions from time to time. To boost the imagination of a child, parents must encourage their child to participate in such activities.

Social play
It is extremely important to teach the kids the importance of socializing and working together as a team, when required. Conducting group activities is a great way to encourage social play among children. The play schools in Gurgaon design their curriculum in such a manner that kids get to participate in maximum number of group activities.

There has been a major contribution in the field of education by Vatika Group. Matrikiran is one of the renowned schools in Gurgaon which is a trendsetter in creative learning