What Parents Do & How it Impacts the Growth of Children – Part 2

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In the first part of the blog, we talked about the various impacts of Parenting Behavior and other social interactions that affect the child’s growth and development. In this blog, we will talk some more about how parents can have an impact in their children’s life, and also how can make a positive impact for their betterment.

support of parentsThe parents and the school play a very important role in children’s early years and has considerable influence throughout their life. They are also their two most important educators. Parents play the most important role as they are the prime educators in the children’s life, right from infancy till they start school, and they tend to remain as an influence on their learning throughout the school years and beyond.

Parental involvement can take many forms, from volunteering at the school through to reading them a bed-time story, helping them out in their homework and taking them out for a picnic. There is a strong correlation between parental involvement and child’s achievements, academically and socially. And, we are going to consider a few more before we talk about how we can make a positive impact in their lives.

What Effects do Working Mothers have on Children?
In recent years, full-time employment of mothers has become a norm in India. Many women have started working, and they continue to work during their early pregnancy as well as after post-pregnancy. The kind of effects a mother has on her children depends on her attitude and the environment she creates at home. Mothers who work and those who stay at home, both can have positive as well as negative impact on their children.

An unhappy mom who stays at home, and mothers who concentrate on their work at home while neglecting her children cannot be a positive influence on her kids’ lives. A mother who pursues her dreams professionally can serve as a good role model for her kids. A mother with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction (not necessarily with a high paying job) can inspire her children to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Mothers who effectively balance their professional and personal life can instill good work ethics in their kids. Working mothers can be a great inspiration to their daughters and help them break stereotypes.

Factors that positively influenced attainment included:

  • The frequency with which parents reported reading to the child. This is associated with higher scores for ‘pre-reading’, ‘language’ and ‘early number’ attainment.
  • Frequency of alphabet learning. This made a bigger difference on pre-reading attainment than the mother’s highest qualification.
  • Frequency of library visits. This showed a smaller but significant positive impact on the above outcomes.


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