What Parents Do & How It Impacts The Growth of Children

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It is a general understanding that pregnancy and infancy are the most crucial periods for child’s development, but development in their early years and thereafter depends on many factors; parental influence and a nurturing upbringing being the most important ones. Some prominent research studies suggest that good parenting skills and a supportive home learning environment are closely associated with children’s holistic development, which help them to be competitive and lead a fulfilling life. Hence, creating an environment that is conducive, by improving the quality of home and family life can help them become better human beings.


What Parents Do/Cognitive and Behavioral Development

“Home is the first school, and school is the second home.”

It is true that home is the first school for children. What they learn at home through their parents and grand-parents will define their behavior and also learn the very basics of life. Parents play a vital role at home, as they are their window to the outside world; the way they behave, work, and interact with each other will be the building blocks on which children will erect the pillars of learning, ethics, and social responsibility. Parents set an example with what they do in terms of educational activities & parenting style, and how they lead their life.

Supportive Home Environment
Changes in Parenting Behavior -
We can always expect our children to change their behavior to do/be better at things or if they have being a bit difficult at times. But before we ask children to change, it would be prudent to see and check what we as parents lack/improve, so as to better understand the source of the problem. The source here could be disciplinary actions, leniency or help children manage their work etc. For example, if parents never read books or they haven’t read any to their kids, then how are kids supposed to know that books are an important part of life. If you want your kids to do something there should always be a reaffirming feeling or a role model that goes along with the instructions.

Inter-Family Relationship -
Children can see and understand the very basics of human nature. Hatred, love, sympathy, empathy and all other human emotions are handed down from parents to their children. Inter family relationship is a vital factor in supportive home environment that provide a space for children to grow and get the necessary nurturing. How parents interact with one another and how other family dynamics are dealt with lays the groundwork for children to learn from. Most important is how parents tackle confrontations and disputes, and how grandparents are treated. These family dynamics will stay with a child for ever and will be very hard to change down the road.

Father’s involvement -
A father plays a very important role in children’s life. It is not that we are comparing the weightage that a father or a mother plays in a child’s life. They both have equally important parts to play. But mostly the role of a father is perceived in terms of a caring and the know it all kind of a person, who comes to rescue kids in times of emergency. An active role played by fathers in a family can associated with a range of positive outcomes, including educational and emotional fulfillment, and also protects against mental health problems later in life.

We at MatriKiran believe in playing our part as a responsible institution, which adds on to the values imparted by parents to their children to be an ideal citizens, and refining it to meet the expectations of parents for their children to excel in the modern competitive world. But parents should always remember that home will always be the first school for children.

To Be Continued - Well, as the subject is vast, we can go on-and-on on this topic, and and we have been able to cover various topics only in bits and pieces. We will continue the topic in the next blog, during that time, please let us know whether you like the blog or not, and how can we improve it. Your feedback it greatly valued.

In the next blog we will try to cover the impacts of Parenting Behavior and other social interactions that children have, like grandparents, friends etc, and also see whether or not working mothers have any impact in the growth of a child, and if it does, what are they and how does it affect them.

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Excerpts taken from http://aurosociety.org/focus-area/integral-education.aspx

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