Go for the Best Preschool Options

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Choosing a preschool for children is an important decision for the parents. However, it is not that simple to make this decision as many considerations need to be kept in mind while selecting a preschool. Right from the infrastructure to the learning environment for children in the preschool, every single factor matters a lot to the parents. There are also other considerations such as the level of security in the preschool and the distance from the house.

You need to do some work before you can finalize the preschool for your children. Here are some steps which will help you to pick the best option.

Kids reading book together

Know the Basics
Thinking about how a specific preschool will fit into your everyday life, will make it a lot more easier for you to decide whether to finalize it or not.

Close proximity to your house is an important concern while choosing the preschool. The travel from home to preschool should not take a long time.
Sometimes you may have to pick your children from preschool right after work. Hence, the preschool should also be at a fairly short distance from your workplace.
The preschool should offer childcare services from morning to afternoon.Satisfying these aspects, preschools on Sohna road, Gurgaon are a good choice.

Use Online Sources
It may not be possible for you to visit every preschool to inquire about it. You can use the internet to search preschools in any desired area. You can even contact the preschool authorities through phone or email to get more information. Preschools in Gurgaon are frequently searched on the internet because of their good reputation.

Observe the Education System
The preschool is a place where child education actually starts. When you consider a preschool, you should carefully observe how children are taught in that school. Take a further step only if the education system totally satisfies you. Also, note the attitude of teachers towards every student. Strictness beyond limits is not a positive aspect for any preschool. When you make your choice, you should be certain your child will have a good learning experience at that preschool.

Both preschools and schools in Gurgaon are excellent in terms of infrastructure, education as well as connectivity to important areas.

Schools in Gurgaon: A Smart Choice for Kids

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Selecting a good school for a child is one of the biggest concerns for parents as they wish to enroll the kid in a school that takes good care of their child and at the same time contributes in the overall development of the child. Schools in Gurgaon are a smart choice as these schools provide international level of education and at the same time take full responsibility of every child attending the school. Let us have a look at why more and more parents are opting for schools in Gurgaon.

School children showing thumbs up.

Teach the children using international teaching methods: Taking education to a new level are the schools in Gurgaon. Various schools located on Sohna Road follow the concept of international teaching. This makes the child smart and also, he/she enjoys learning.

Provide day care facilities: When both the parents are working, where should the kid be left becomes a major concern for them. Various schools provide day care facilities – this ensures that the child is in safe hands. The day care in Gurgaon schools take care of the nutrition of the every child and keep them busy while the parents are off to work. Not only this, children also get to learn various things in a fun-filled manner.

Organize co-curricular activities: Along with learning, the overall development of a child is also necessary. Keeping this in mind, schools organize co-curricular activities that enable the child to make use of his/her physical and mental abilities. This contributes extensively in the overall growth of the child.

Helps children socialize: Many children shy away from talking to strangers. The teachers teaching in Gurgaon schools interact with the kids and help them socialize. Furthermore, they organize activities that help kids interact with one another.

MatriKiran, managed by Auro Education Society, is one of the renowned schools that is the first choice of every parents. The teachers take good care of every students and at the same time teach them in a fun-filled manner. Once a child gets enrolled in this school, he/she is sure to have a bright future!

What to Look for in a Day Care School Teacher

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In today’s world, generally both parents work and for these parents leaving their child in safe hands while they are working is a major concern. Bringing an end to the worry of such parents is the facility of day care in various schools. Many parents enroll their child in a school in Gurgaon as these schools offer world-class education. Seeing this growing demand, various schools have started the facility of day care in Gurgaon. However, parents must ensure that they firstly inspect the day care and only then enroll their child in the same. Most importantly, the teacher must be proficient in handling the students at the day care. While selecting a preschool offering day care facilities, it is extremely important to see whether the teacher can or cannot take care of your child.

School Teacher

Let us have a look at the features of a day care school teacher.

  • Must be educated and well-trained
    If you think a teacher at the day care can hold any degree, then you are wrong. A day care teacher must be well-qualified and must have undergone proper training to take care of the kids. Some teachers also do courses in child development, so that they can handle the children efficiently. The school fees in Gurgaon is comparatively higher than the schools at other locations, but the schools in Gurgaon make sure that they hire a educated and a well-trained teacher. These teachers know very well how to plan and arrange activities for the children. Also, if a students falls ill, these teachers can easily detect the problem and do the needful immediately.
  • Must possess a smart appearance
    When a child gets enrolled in a day care of a playgroup school, he/she spends most of his/her time there and starts to copy whatever he/she sees around him/her. A good teacher should be a role model for her students and must pay special attention to her appearance. Also, it should be kept in mind by the teacher that she does not use any foul language in front of the students. When you visit the day care, make sure you keep an eye on the behavior of the teacher.
  • Must interact with children: Once you send your child to a day care in a preschool in Gurgaon, you can be assured that he/she will learn to mingle with other kids as well as the teacher. The teacher plays a major role in helping the kids socialize with each other and for the same, it is extremely important for the teacher to interact with the kids.

Make sure you look out for all the above mentioned qualities in the teacher while selecting a day care for your child.

Gurgaon’s Playgroup Schools: Inculcating Creative Learning

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The modern day schools believe in following the trend of fun with learning. For a child, a school is a home away from home and it is of utmost importance that the child enjoys the time he/she spends at school. Keeping this in mind, most of the English medium schools in Gurgaon have inculcated creative learning in their curriculum. Encouraging a child to participate in activities apart from studies, helps in the overall development of the child. Let us have a look at how fun and studies can go together hand-in-hand.

School kid

Creative play
Every child is creative in his/her own way – all you need to do is give the child a little push. Painting, drawing and playing building blocks games are some activities that can help in unleashing the creative side of a child. This gives the children a chance to think out of the box and create some fantastic masterpieces.

Physical play
An active child is a healthy child. The playgroup schools allow the kids to run, swing, roll and perform any other activity of their choice. Restraining kids from performing these activities will only hamper their physical development. Schools conduct races, dance competitions and various other contests in which kids need to utilize their physical strength. This keeps the child active and also helps him/her generate interest in other activities apart from studies.

Imaginative play
Activities like dramatics can help children to unleash the actor within them. Also, this will strengthen their imaginative side and increase their thinking capability. Gurgaon play schools lay emphasis on conducting dramatic sessions from time to time. To boost the imagination of a child, parents must encourage their child to participate in such activities.

Social play
It is extremely important to teach the kids the importance of socializing and working together as a team, when required. Conducting group activities is a great way to encourage social play among children. The play schools in Gurgaon design their curriculum in such a manner that kids get to participate in maximum number of group activities.

There has been a major contribution in the field of education by Vatika Group. Matrikiran is one of the renowned schools in Gurgaon which is a trendsetter in creative learning

Hunting for an Ideal School for Your Child? Here’s a Checklist

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With the emergence of numerous schools in Gurgaon, choosing an ideal one has become a tough task for parents. Every parent wishes to enroll their child in a school where he/she gets the best education and also gets a chance to participate in extra-curricular activities. The schools in Gurgaon offer world-class education to the students and this is a major factor that is attracting numerous parents to enroll their kids in the Gurgaon schools.

Parents must always keep a track of the 1st admission form in Gurgaon schools, because if you miss this, you might have to wait for an entire year. If this is your first experience of hunting for a school, here is a checklist that will make your hunt a little easy.

Tips for School

  • Make a list of the schools in Gurgaon: The first thing that parents must do is to create a list of the top schools in Gurgaon. Once you have shortlisted the schools, it becomes easier to narrow down the choice.
  • Take a look at the previous record of the school: The track record of the school that you choose for your child must be good. Trust the word of mouth and also conduct an extensive research about the school on the internet. This will give you a clear idea about the reputation of the school. Furthermore, also read the testimonials as this might help you in taking a decision.
  • Pay the school a visit: Before you apply for a school admission in Gurgaon, make sure you visit it once. Visiting the school personally will give you an idea of the surroundings and atmosphere provided to the students, type of classes, student-teacher ratio and much more.
  • Ask about the fee structure: Knowing about the fee structure in advance is extremely important. Since the schools in Gurgaon offer international teaching methods, the fee of these schools is a little high as compared to the other schools. Knowing about the fee structure will help you in accessing whether it is suiting your pockets or not.
  • Ask about the provision of extra-curricular activities: An ideal school is one that helps in the overall development of a child. Along with the best education, the child must also be encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. The school must have provision for extra-curricular activities like sports, computer and music.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned checklist, you can get your kid enrolled in an ideal school in Gurgaon

A Guide That Can Help Parents in Getting Their Kids Enrolled in a School

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Enrolling a child in a school that offers world-class education is every parent’s dream. As soon as a child becomes 2 years old, parents start worrying about their ward’s admission. The first thing that parents need to decide is which school will be the best for their child in terms of education and extra-curricular activities. Gurgaon school fees is a little higher than the schools in other locations, but the former offers international teaching standards. If you too are planning to enroll your kid in a preschool or in a nursery school, here are some tips that can help you get started

Kid going school

  • Start your planning soon: Most parents make the mistake of planning for their ward’s admission when the child turns 2 and half years old. By the time you start planning, the nursery school admissions get over. This means that you will not be able to send your child to the school for that particular year and will have to wait for the next set of admissions to start. Be very careful with the dates!
  • Refer to the list of top schools: Before making the final choice, it is important to know about all the options available. Refer to the newspapers, internet and of course, trust the word-of-mouth recommendations. Make sure you consider factors like teaching aids used, importance of curricular activities, teacher-student ratio, distance of the school from your home and daycare facilities, just to name a few.
  • Consider the acceptance age: Different schools accept kids at different ages. It is a possibility that your child might not be eligible for one school but, at the same time he/she might be eligible for another school. By not keeping a note of these details, you might miss out on some dates.
  • Get ready for the Q&A round: Apart from testing the child”s intelligence, schools also interview the parents. You must be well-prepared for the Q&A round and must be answer all the questions confidently. Remember, there is no space for fumbling!
  • Give a hint to your child of what will happen: A child needs to understand where he/she will be going and what he/she has to do there. Many children get scared on seeing so many strangers around him/her and might goof up their interview. Let the child know well in advance that you would be taking him/her to a pre-nursery school where he/she would be studying in future. Once the child’s concepts are clear, he/she will certainty perform extraordinarily in the interview.
  • Dress up your child and yourself smartly: Last but not the least, do not forget to smartly dress up your kid and yourself. This will boost your child’s and your confidence level.

Use the above mentioned tips, crack the interview and enroll your child in the best school

What to Ensure before You Enroll Your Child in a Preschool

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Enrolling a child in a school in Gurgaon is every parent’s dream. School admissions in Gurgaon is the hot topic of the season every parent is making a list of schools in Gurgaon all putting in all efforts to enroll their child in the best school. The first step that a child takes into the real world is by getting enrolled in a preschool. However, only getting enrolled in the preschool is not enough – your child must be well prepared for it too. If you too are willing to send your kid to a preschool in Gurgaon, make sure your child is prepared for the same. Take the look at the following points and assess the same.

Ensure before admissions

                                      Nursery School in Gurgaon

Is your child healthy?
The first factor that should be considered is whether your child is healthy or not. A child must have the physical stamina to attend the preschool. Children run around and take part in various activities organized in a preschool. Your child must firstly be healthy to attend the school and secondly, must have the capability to participate in all such activities. Also, if the child is facing any medical issues, it should be reported to the school authority, so that they can handle the situation when required.

Is your child independent?
There is no doubt that the teachers and the assistants are always ready to help the kids in school, but at the same time the child must have a sense of working independently. Your child must be potty-trained, must know how to clean his/her hands, should be able to eat lunch without taking help from anyone.

Can your child stay away from you?
For some children it is just impossible to say a goodbye to their parents. If your child has never stayed without you, it might become extremely difficult for him/her to spend the day at the preschool. Moreover, in no time the child might end up hating the school, just because he/she cannot find you there. Before you enroll your kid in a preschool, make sure you start keeping him/her away from you for short intervals.

Can your child communicate?
For a child, it is very important to create a bond with his/her teacher and for this he/she must have the capability to communicate efficiently. If your child is not hesitant in conversing to strangers, he/she will in no time be friends with the teacher too.

Does your child make friends with other children?
Along with creating a bond with the teacher, your child must also interact with other kids. This will also encourage him/her to participate in group activities and at the same time will make him/her friendly and extrovert.

If you feel that your child possesses all the above mentioned qualities, your child is all set to start his/her journey at the preschool!

How to Prepare Your Child for a Nursery School Interview?

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Nursery school admission is a hot topic for parents who have kids aged between 2.5 to 3.5 years. This is the first step that a child takes into the real world and he/she must be well-prepared for the same. Nursery schools conduct an interview to check the confidence and capability of a child. It is the dream of every parent to see their child excel in this interview. The tough situation that arises here is how to prepare the child for this interview.

nursery schoolLet us have a look at how you can prepare your child for an nursery admission in a Gurgaon school.

As a parent, it is very important to know the parameters on which you have to prepare your child for the interview. The commonly judged categories in a school are:
1) Capability to identify colors and shapes.
2) Understanding about common animals and birds.
3) Drawing, sketching and painting skills.
4) The ability to follow the given instructions.
5) Discipline of the child.

What to do
1) To start off with, start giving situations to your child. Create a different situation each time for your child and see how he/she reacts to it. Also, when wrong, let the child know how to react in that particular situation.
2) Start giving him activities. Lay out puzzles, building blocks, colors etc. If he doesn’t know how to use either of these, teach him.
3) Take your child out and allow him/her to meet new people. Also, encourage him/her to strike a conversation with them. This will make the child less hesitant.(Hence, We are providing physical education programme, read more here:
4) Let your child know the importance of an interview and ask him to follow whatever instructions are given to him.
5) Enact the interview with your child, where you can act like the teacher who is taking the interview. Start with a simple conversation and gradually ask your child to perform activities that can help you assist his/her written and oral skills.
6) Start showing hoardings, banners, pamphlets, number plates, newspaper etc. to your child and ask him/her to identify colors, numbers and alphabets.
7) Ask questions to your child so that he/she uses his/her brain and responds. This will build his/her thinking ability.

Tips for parents
1) Make sure you handle your child patiently.
2) If your child goes wrong anywhere, make sure you do not scold him/her. Instead, teach him/her the right way.
3) Praise your child when you think he/she has done a good job. This will boost the confidence of your child.


A Look at How an Ideal Preschool Curriculum Shapes the Future of a Child

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Every parent has the dream of enrolling their child in the best preschool, so that there is a certainty of a their child’s prosperous future. Selecting a preschool in Gurgaon can be one of the wisest decision parents can make. Gurgaon preschools very well understand the importance of education as well as the importance of a preschool, thus they design a curriculum that can satisfy all the requirements of a child.

play schoolNeed for a proper curriculum
A preschool is a stepping stone for a toddler where he/she learns various lessons of life. A preschool is the only place where a child spend his time away from his/her parents and home. Since the child spends a huge amount of time in a preschool, he/she observes his surroundings and picks up things that are going around him/her. Therefore, it is very important to keep the environment positive and teach the kids to follow a definite curriculum. Preschools in Gurgaon lay emphasis on these requirements and set the curriculum accordingly.

Features of an ideal preschool curriculum
1) The curriculum of the school must enable your child to make predictions. This will increase his mental ability and make him independent.

2) The curriculum should be designed in such a manner that the students get a chance to make use of their problem solving abilities.

3) The curriculum must prepare the child to express himself/herself through the medium of language.

4) The curriculum must allow the child to learn the act of self-management. This helps in building up the stamina of a child and teaches him/her the art of monitoring himself/herself.

5) The school must set different curriculum according to different age groups. This will help a child to understand things in a better manner. Teaching a child something that is not ideal for his/her age will not benefit at all instead, confuse him/her further.

6) The curriculum must be inclusive of maximum leaning. The child must get exposure to both reading and writing. Proficiency in both will help a child to understand things in a better manner.

Where to find such a curriculum?
If you are among those parents who want your child to get enrolled in a preschool that follows the above mentioned curriculum, choose a preschool in Sohna Road, Gurgaon as most of these schools have international standards and follow an ideal curriculum.

The Must Haves for a School Offering Ideal Day Care Facilities

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Today, when generally both the parents are working, one of the safest places where a kid can be left is a day care center. Various preschools in Gurgaon are providing this facility to the parents. It is a dream for parents to enroll their kids in a preschool Sohna Road, Gurgaon as they offer world-class education and at the same time provide excellent facilities of day care. In Gurgaon schools, the fee is a little high, but once your kid gets enrolled in it, you can be assured of his/her bright future and safety. However, no matter how much you must have had heard about the facility of day care of the pre- school in Sohna Road Gurgaon, you must ensure that the school is well-equipped with all the amenities that are required for a child.

Day Care Let us have a look at the must haves for an ideal day care center.

Medical aid: Kids are restless and it is obvious that will they run and play around the entire day care. While doing this, they might fall and scrap their knees or hurt any part of their body. An ideal day care centre must have immediate access to first aid kits. Moreover, there should be an availability of an attendant who pays attention to the kids and provides medical aid without delay when required.

Toys: Kids learn several things when they play with toys, but make sure you check the quality of toys that will be provided to your kid. The toys should be made of non-toxic material, should be light in weight and should not have any sharp edges.

Sleeping mats: Children need naps in between and an ideal day care must provide comfortable sleeping mats to the kids. Make sure that you check the quality and size of the mats that will be provided to your little one. The mat should be soft, thick and large enough to accommodate your child.

Books: Along with fun, an ideal day care also lays emphasis on learning and there can be nothing better than teaching from books. The day care should have an assortment of illustrative books that makes the process of learning fun-filled for the little one.

Photos of people who pick up students: Last but not the least, make sure the day care asks for the photograph of the person who will be picking up the student. This will ensure the safety of the students. Also, you can be assured that no matter how late you will be in picking up your kid, he/she will be in safe hands till the time you reach.

Make sure you check the above mention factors before enrolling your child in a day care.

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